Thursday, August 14, 2014

IndieGoGo Update... WOW!

Here's the final tally for my goofy IndieGoGo Campaign. We not only hit our initial goal of $280 so we could buy mini-comics, we also got the secondary goal of $500 so we can add candy to the packets!

Now, you may think that $250 worth of candy is a lot... but 1,000 children are a lot as well. Still, the first 1,000 children to visit our house on Halloween will receive a comic book and a piece of candy. That's pretty freaking awesome.

  • Total raised: $550
    • IndieGoGo Fees: $49.50 (9%) - refund of $27.50 (5%) = $22
    • Other payment Fees: $10.50 (3%)
    • Paypal Fees: $8.22 (2.9% + 30 cents for each payment)
  • Total for Halloween (minus fees): $509.28 (204% of $250 goal)
  • Total Spent: $256.45
  • Running Total: $253.35
The next steps are simple... I've e-mailed everyone who contributed to get more information. Soon I will post the name checks and links. Once we get the comics and candy purchased, we'll do a video of us preparing the packets (which will consist of comics and candy in a small bag) to post as an update. I expected the campaign to result in a lot of tiny contributions that would lead up to enough to get the mini-comics and not much else. I'm really pleased at the sheer generosity of people. I hope we can get enough videos to make everyone who helped happy to see what they've done. Thanks to everyone who contributed. This would not be possible without you. The status of the campaign is: Mini-Comics and candy for all!