Monday, November 24, 2014

Morning thoughts and links

A New York City high school is teaching kids how to interact with police. I've often thought a crucial element of drivers education should be how to react if you are pulled over by a cop.

Not much to report this morning. It's chilly out, which has led to Inkwell settling on my lap, usually when I'm trying to do something on the computer or iPad. I've turned the heat way down to save money, as medical bills are killing us so far this winter. This is a short workweek, in that I'll be working three days, have a day off, then working on Friday. I also have evening meetings today and tomorrow (city council and school board) so I'm going to not get much rest between now and the holiday.

I'm looking forward to seeing my parent-in-laws Wednesday night. I sometimes get a little too wrapped up in my job... it's nice to see people I'm not reporting on once in awhile.

I'm more than a month behind in reading comic books, and I've got three issues of Fortean Times piled up to read (which will be a joy, but is kind of strange to see because I love reading the mag so much). I've been very busy at work, and not in the mood for much when I get home.

Other than that, I'm surviving, and hopefully I'll have enough energy to make it through the holiday season this year.