Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Good morning world!

So a meeting I expected to be fairly long last night turned out to be fairly short because half the presentations didn't come and the one person I expected to have lots to say literally said almost nothing. So it was remarkably survivable.

Ok... how about some links before I go write about marijuana laws (yet again)...

Breaking Cat News is starting a Christmas special. If you are a cat lover and not reading this strip, you are missing out.

I don't shop at Walmart, but Shane might convince me to visit the deli.

Someone has come up with a solution for people who hate reclining seats on airplanes. Personally, I'm already claustrophobic, and having someone lean their seat back into me is absolutely awful for me when flying. In my opinion, plane seats should never recline as long as they are packed so close together... but this compromise would work for me.

A blogger at Daily Kos continues to track injuries and deaths from misuse of guns and it continues to amaze me that we tolerate the constant violence. Training and proper licensing would be useful in saving lives, but unfortunately some folks consider any reasonable precautions to be unconstitutional limitations on gun ownership.