Friday, July 31, 2015

At the Con...

I'm sitting in "my" room at the convention, promoting the newsletter and Oz Con International 2016. I'm also introducing people to Munchkin Oz because Steve Jackson Games was kind enough to send us some demo games for the convention.

We are going to get people playing soon, here.

I don't have a lot to say right now... It's been a relaxing convention. I've been encouraging people to come into the AC and rest for a bit, and have some water. It's been pretty good, overall.

A gal came in with a cairn terrier (same breed as Toto) who needed to get out of the humidity for a bit. She gave me her card, with the website for The Famous Cairn Terrier Movie List.

I've had some chances to wander, including visiting the dealers room. I thought I'd share some websites of folks I got to visit over there.
  • I talked for a bit with the folks who are running Costume Con 36, which will be held in Spring 2018 in San Diego. They have a website and a Facebook Page. I am not much of a costumer myself, but I love the creativity of others. From their Facebook page I found a Flickr stream which includes a couple of Aquaman Cosplay photos from San Diego Comic-Con.

  • I also chatted with the folks from ConDor XXIII. They are raising money for a charity using Doctor Who themed badge ribbons. The charity can be seen on their Facebook page.

  • The same person handling the ConDor table was also promoting San Diego Who Con. Check them out at their Facebook page as well.

I'm being watched as I work.