Tuesday, July 21, 2015


There are some amazing costumes on this San Diego Cosplay photo set. I particularly like the Frozen/Mad Max crossover. The body art Green Lantern and Batman were also... interesting. And there's even a Mayor McCheese - wow. Anyway, lots of cosplay: IGN's 17 best, massive gallery, Bleeding cool outside the convention center, more from Friday, day two, Blastr Day 1, Blastr Day 2 and Blastr Day 3.

Just in case you ever wanted to, The Guardian has a post on how to draw a horse.

Dr. Science explains How to vote in the Hugo Awards, with a focus on this year. I did not read this until I finished my own voting, but there's some interesting stuff in there.

Just as a reminder, you can go to Renay's Hugo Spreadsheet of Doom or the Hugo Nominees 2016 Wikia to look for works that will eligible for a Hugo in 2016 so you can read them for possible nomination. Both the spreadsheet and wiki allow submissions, as well, so add your own favorites to get them a little more widespread attention.