Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Sunday Review

I've done no specifically Hugo-related reading this week, and probably won't for a couple more weeks while I get myself together again. Indeed, I'm not doing a whole lot of reading outside of work at the moment. That'll change. I hope.

TV this week:

  • Arrow: "The Candidate" - A family friend of Ollie's decides to run for mayor. Which, in Star City, is basically a suicide pact. I am enjoying the subplot with Speedy's issues, although that last scene... *shudder*. Felicity really does need a codename - Oracle, maybe? This felt like a set-up episode, not one that's going to be fondly remembered, but one that has a lot of significance to the show. Of particular note: gur vagebqhpgvba bs obgu Nanexl naq Zvpunry "Ze. Greevsvp" Ubyg. Byyvr'f qrpvfvba gb eha sbe znlbe. Sryvpvgl'f qrpvfvba gb fnir gur pbzcnal ba n obyq oyhss. Ynhery naq Gurn'f fcn gevc. Lrnu, ybgf bs frg hc sbe gur shgher gurer.

  • The Flash: "Flash of Two Worlds" - SQUEE! I love the multiverse. The Many World theory opens up reality, at least in fiction, in a way that nothing else quite does. Every story is possible. Every crossover, every imaginable twist - it's all there, somewhere, in the multiverse. In this particular story we get Wnl, jub unf bayl orra gur Synfu sbe gjb lrnef. Zl ovttrfg dhrfgvba nobhg Rnegu Gjb vf jul jr'ir tbggra gjb Rnegu Gjb punenpgref gung ner genqvgvbanyyl urebrf fubjvat hc nf ivyynvaf. Gur Ngbz naq Fnaqzna? V'z nyfb qryvtugrq ol gur Svsgl-Gjb ersrerapr. Un. Ubj qb gurl pybfr gubfr tngrf? Naq jub ryfr jvyy pbzr guebhtu orsber jr'er qbar? V srne n sernx-bs-gur-jrrx geraq, ohg ba gur bgure unaq... SQUEE!

  • Gotham: "Strike Force" - Grim and gritty, and getting worse in many ways. Guvf bar vf n pbahaqehz. Tbeqba vf svanyyl trggvat jung ur arrqf, ohg vf vg n yvggyr gbb yngr sbe uvz? Ur'f nyernql pbzcebzvfrq naq xabjf vg. Abj ur'f hc n perrx ab znggre jurgure be abg Crathva trgf anvyrq. Guvf vf jung unccraf jura n crefba qbrf n onq guvat sbe n tbbq ernfba. V irel zhpu qvfyvxr gur cbegenlny bs Tnynina, n punenpgre gung qbrf abg vzcerff zr va gur yrnfg va guvf fubj. V'z gbyq ur'f n xabja Ongzna ivyynva sebz gur pbzvpf jbexvat haqre n qvssrerag anzr, ohg hagvy gurer'f n tbbq gjvfg, V'z whfg svaqvat uvz obevatyl rivy. Fcrnxvat bs rivy, V pna'g uryc ohg srry fbeel sbe Crathva'f zbgure. Gubhtu V fhccbfr vg'f ure snhyg ure fba vf n cflpub, fur'f fgvyy fbzrbar jub fubhyqa'g or ybpxrq hc ol fhcre-ivyynvaf. Eh, it's not a bad episode. I'm sure there's a lot more to come this season.

  • Doctor Who: "The Girl Who Died" - Um. Wow. Ashildr is a pretty neat character, ohg V'z abg fher jung gur Qbpgbe unf qbar gb ure vf tbvat gb tb bire jryy bapr fur svtherf vg bhg. V fhfcrpg, onfrq ba gur arkg rcvfbqr'f cerivrjf, gung fur'f tbvat gb yrnea gur uneq jnl jul gur Qbpgbe vf ubj ur vf. Va nal pnfr, V fubhyq unir orra noyr gb svther bhg sebz gur rcvfbqr gvgyr gung fur jnf tbvat gb qvr ng fbzr cbvag, ohg sbe fbzr ernfba gung arire npghnyyl bppheerq gb zr. V thrff V'z whfg rawblvat gur sybj bs gur rcvfbqrf gbb zhpu gb cnl nggragvba gb qrgnvyf yvxr rcvfbqr gvgyrf. V ybirq gur vagrecergngvba bs gur onol'f pevrf, naq ubj dhvpxyl Pynen cvpxrq hc ba pregnva ovgf (gur onol fgbcccrq pelvat, fb fur xarj gur Qbpgbe jnf tbvat gb fgnl). V nyfb yvxrq gur gvr-va gb gur snpr guvat - jul qvq gur Qbpgbe pubbfr gung snpr? Jryy, creuncf jr xabj. V qba'g fhccbfr gur cebcurpl nobhg n uloevq orgjrra gjb jneevbe enprf gung Qniebf gnyxrq nobhg jbhyq unir nalguvat ng nyy gb qb jvgu n uhzna/Zver uloevq, ab? Overall a solid little episode with a lot of humor and some truly fascinating character moments.

This week's movie was Into the Woods, the 2014 film version. It's always difficult to adapt a three-hour stage play into a two-hour movie. While I can't say this was a complete success, it wasn't a total failure, either. Zl ovttrfg crefbany ceboyrz jvgu vg jnf gung bapr Wnzrf Pbeqra'f punenpgre unq n onol, V pbhyqa'g uryc ohg jnag gb lryy "Fgbezntrqqba!" rirel gvzr ur fubjrq hc ba gur fperra. Ohg gung'f cebonoyl whfg zr. *ahem* Gur svyz zbfgyl ubyqf gbtrgure jryy, qrfcvgr ybfvat n ybg bs ovgf naq cvrprf gung urycrq znxr gur punenpgref zber ybirnoyr naq vagrerfgvat. V guvax gur jbefg qrpvfvba jnf gb frg gur frpbaq npg fubegyl nsgre gur svefg, n znggre bs n srj jrrxf vafgrnq bs nobhg n lrne. Gung lrne tnir rirelbar gvzr gb ernpg naq frggyr vagb gur arj fgnghf dhb (abg gb zragvba nyybjrq gvzr sbe na npghny certanapl vafgrnq bs na vafgn-onyybbavat!). Gur ryvzvangvba bs gur Onxre'f sngure nf gur aneengbe znqr uvf nccrnenapr gbjneq gur raq pbzr bhg bs abjurer, nf jryy. Yrg'f frr... cresbeznaprf... Pbeqra jnf whfg svar nf gur Onxre naq Zrely Fgerrc qvq n terng wbo nf gur jvgpu, ohg Puevf Cvar'f unve nyzbfg fgbyr gur fubj. Frevbhfyl, Cvar qvq n jbaqreshy wbo nf Cevapr Punezvat. Overall, a decent film. But if you want the real experience, see it on a stage.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Sep 2nd
  • Green Lantern #44 - I really should just stop reading the Green Lantern books, but since they're in the house, I just can't stop myself. I really am not enjoying this version of Hal much. He's too much of what he never really was in the classic days. I'm getting bored with angry heroes, anyway.
  • Batman Beyond #4 - Where's the rest of the Justice League? And seriously, the first version of the Bat-tle armor? I'm not sure Tim will last 10 minutes in that antique.
  • DC Comics Bombshells #2 - Yay, Mera! This is the main reason I really wanted to get this book, to see what happens with Mera. Admittedly, the rest of the story is fun too, with Soviet Power Girl and Star Girl, and Zatanna of all folks. But a classic version of Mera is also quite awe-inspiring.
  • Flash: Season Zero #12 - What a depressing story to end the "season" on. Still, it gives me a little more insight into why Caitlin turns into what she does in the future. Assuming that is her future, which is hard to say at this point.
  • Doctor Who 10th #15 - I'm very curious and a little disturbed by that final page. Other than that, this was a nicely fit together story with lots of nods to the past and possible hope for the future.
  • Doctor Who 2015: Four Doctors #4 - Ok, what happened to Alice is clear enough, but what the heck was in that package that did... what?... to Gabby?
  • Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #2 - We're headed back to the opening of the storyline, with lots of possibilities to go. I'm enjoying this far more than the first Tales of Honor book, but it's still a little stiff in places, like it isn't sure whether or not it's allowed to stretch away from the text and explore with the art.
  • This Damned Band #2 - Yeah, they've got problems they don't even comprehend. I'm still not exactly keen on the execution of this story but the ideas are hilarious.
NOTE: Nothing stands out as Hugo-worthy this week. I love Bombshells, but I don't see it winning awards. The Doctor Who comics are fun, but not terribly deep. Tales of Honor is good, but not great. This Damned Band has a ways to go to truly impress me.