Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Anglicon in photos

I tried to obey #3... I'm not sure I succeeded.

I love the dealers room!

I sat next to him for hours, but never got his photo!

An autograph session in full swing.

Terry Molloy and his bear Monty. Yes, Davros attends conventions with teddy bear.

Annette Badland is wonderful, if a bit naughty.

Dan Starkey poses with a skeleton and a guy in a lime-green jacket.

Terry enjoyed having his head floating around the con.

It's Fe-9, for those who are more cat people.

I don't know, I think this dalek is missing something...

British Soda tasting in the hospitality suite was fun!

My husband exits the TARDIS for his interview with Annette Badland.

Eric and Annette talk to the crowd. Eric finished the panel by having Annette ask the crowd questions.

Ah, a good convention with friends, fun and penguins.

And finally, a knitted Adipose for my friends in the posse. This was at the Rustycon table.

Now, some brief thoughts. I need to get healthier for next year's convention if the hotel persists in putting us as far away as possible from the convention space. Ug.

I volunteered a bit, had some fun, wrangled guests and spent some time in the craft room as well (me, in a craft room? preposterous!). Highlights of the con included long chats with Norm Lovett on a variety of silly subjects. On Friday night I noticed nobody was wrangling the guests, who had been left in the hallway alone. I ended up getting them where they were supposed to go and making sure everyone got on stage during the Match Game.

That's the spirit of a con. You pitch in when help is needed.

The volunteer party was amusing, and everyone was waiting for something to happen, so I started "singing" the Mahna Mahna song from the Muppet show. When I went into the scat, everyone laughed. Later, at closing ceremonies, I did it again and, to my surprise, everyone sang along again (I didn't think enough people could hear me, but apparently my growl of Mahna Mahna really carried!).

My friend Adi on Twitch has "Huzzah!" as a catchphrase when he is victorious in games. At the closing ceremonies, there was a short presentation of awards for the trivia winners, and I started yelling "Huzzah!" after each name was announced. Other people picked it up, and soon the entire crowd was yelling "Huzzah!" as each person got their prize.

Then the guests came out and Annette Badland started yelling "Huzzah!" after every statement. And then Terry Molloy picked it up. And Dan Starkey said, "Sontar-Huzzah!" which brought the house down. So, in honor of Adi, the con ended with a mighty "HUZZAH!"