Monday, December 19, 2016


Some pointless thoughts after the jump...

I'm very conflicted about the situation the electors find themselves in. On the one hand, I believe the will of the people should be respected. On the other hand, I see that the electoral college was partly put in place to prevent a president who was completely unqualified from taking office. So now that there is plenty of evidence that Trump is both unqualified and possibly under foreign influence, it seems to me that the duty of electors is to make sure he never takes office.

That said, it would involve violating their oath to their state. Which is more important? State or country? I suppose all of us would argue for country, but these are partisan folk elected solely for their overriding loyalty to party politics. Perhaps their oath to party and state is far more important to them than preventing a disaster for the country.

In any case, the electoral college is going to, again, put a person into office that did not win the popular vote (Clinton got 65.8 million votes, Trump only got 62.9 million votes - a difference of nearly 3 million votes). It needs to be abolished. It's an outdated system designed to harm people who don't own land.

Anyway... my birthday is going to suck next year. I don't want to see a fascist take the oath of office of President of the United States, so I'll probably turn into a complete hermit that day.

I still have nothing to write about. Inkwell and I have been doing the "at home" thing, where I feed the cat, chase him around the house as he requires, then put up with him mrowing at me for a while before he finally goes up to sleep in his nice warm room.

I haven't gone outside for a few days - it's been fairly cold around here, with temps in the single digits F. Last I checked the outdoor thermometer, it was 19F outside. It's supposed to warm up and start to melt today - just in time for some overnight freezing and possible freezing rain tonight. Lovely.

I feel very empty. I'm not sad nor happy. I'm just empty. Every once in awhile I read something on Facebook that fills that spot with anger for awhile, but it fades into exhaustion. I can't be angry long. I'm too worn out for it. My outrage-o-meter broke during the administration of Cheney and W, so there's nothing left any longer for the current crop of fascists and white nationalists.


Right, for some happier stuff, start here for Breaking Cat News' Christmas special, which has the boys watching Our IX Lives, a cat soap opera popular with most of the crew. To catch you up on the soap:

  • Snowball Taggart – The richest cat in Viejo Gato. Sly and manipulative.
  • Angora Taggart – Dutiful daughter of Snowball. In love with Kit Chase.
  • Princess Taggart – Rebellious daughter of Snowball. In love with Captain Nimble and mother of their four kittens (but only Sweetheart lives with her).
  • Kit Chase – Lovable, roguish stray with an eyepatch and a heart of gold. In love with Angora but despised by her father.
  • Captain Nimble – In love with Princess, father of her four kittens (Sweetheart and 3 unnamed). Currently lost at sea with the three kittens.
  • Sweetheart Taggart – Kitten of Princess Taggart and Captain Nimble. Living with her mother.
  • Dr. Mittens – Snowball Taggart’s doctor. Known to aid and abet rich patients who fake illness, and to make inappropriate advances towards beautiful heiresses.
  • Brad – Snowball’s business partner. Pompus, preening, and has the hots for Angora (and probably also her trust fund).
  • Bandit Chase – Kit’s younger brother, a police officer.

    Seriously this comic strip has been one of my few true joys through my depression.



    Why don't you check out this wonderful dissection of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by multiple people. Here's the thing, in context of its time, the song was subversive and perhaps empowering - in the context of today it's creepy. Both are true, at the same time.

    That said, the version featuring Miss Piggy and Rudolph Nureyev is probably the single best version of this song I've ever seen and the one I always think of when someone mentions it.


    How about some Simon's Cat?


    Words that are their own opposites.


    Elayne said...

    Loved both the Simon's Cat and the dissection of "Baby It's Cold Outside." Speaking of the latter, keep bundled up. Whatever's out there will still be out there... I hope... given the next four years...