Sunday, June 04, 2017

A Sunday Doctor Who Review


I will be discussing my thoughts and feelings of the Doctor Who episode "The Pyramid at the End of the World" after the cut. I will not worry about spoiling the plot, so read at your own risk.


Doctor Who: "The Pyramid at the End of the World" - The Doctor tries to stop an alien invasion.

Ok, just to start - I didn't like this episode much. I won't say I hated it, but I really wasn't impressed at all. There are a few fun moments, like Bill's date once again being interrupted by someone very important, but overall I was just not feeling much love for it.

I'll try to start out with the good bits. I really felt the way in which the Doctor had to reveal his secret to Bill was nicely done. The limitations of the sonic sunglasses were made evident in the previous episode, but hammered home in this one, particularly when the Doctor can't see what's on the computer tablet (really? Couldn't the sunglasses just link with the tablet, giving him a view of what was on it?). In any case, a code he can't enter without being able to see made for a good moment.

I really liked Erica and how her story was set up, from the broken glasses to knowing how to sterilize the lab when the Doctor started to make his bomb. She also kept a cool head in the disaster, even when her co-worker (who really should have taken the day off) died. She was trying to find a solution right up until the Doctor arrived, and would probably have stayed there trying to save the world until she died as well.

Bill's choice was stupid. She knew it was stupid, the Doctor knew it was stupid, everyone knew it was stupid, but she made it anyway. And it was stupid. I know she loves the Doctor and he's amazing and all that, but she did not have the right or the duty to save the Doctor at the expense of the human race.

I was unimpressed by the officials, who were also ridiculously stupid as usual. Are there any competent leaders in the Whoniverse? I mean, I know they have to play against the brilliance of the Doctor, but can't they at least have faith in the Doctor and understanding that when he says something is a bad idea, it's definitely a bad idea? I mean, seriously. How many times do they have to go through this before it sinks in?

I like pyramids, but what was the point of having a pyramid there? I mean, was there a point?

The bad guys just want to be loved. Ug. That's so creepy in an uncomfortable way... it's definitely not a fun kind of creepy. And it's not in the least bit logical, since there's no way that a fully informed human is going to truly love them - and the attempts to drive that home by killing off so many characters was just dumb. Yeah, let's just murder all these new characters to make a point that really isn't necessary to make. Ug.

The fact that Bill couldn't figure out the Doctor was blind ahead of time was also ridiculous. She knows something is wrong, and at some point she's got to realize what the problem is. The fact that she hasn't figured it out, or at least made a bigger fuss about knowing, bothers me.

This is the weakest episode of the year so far, and probably the weakest in years of new Who. After it ended, I just wanted to forget it. The next episode would have to be spectacular on every level in order to wash the taste of this one out of my mind.

TL;DR summary - Some good bits, but overall a complete miss.