Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Sunday Comic Books Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Jun 20th
  • Three and a half StarfishAquaman #37 - Well, that didn't go as planned. Let's see... the story moved forward a little - Rath is too powerful, blah blah, Aquaman runs away, blah blah, and the mystical guardians of Atlantis decide that Rath isn't so great after all. I guess that's enough. The cliffhanger is just another bit of a fight, so I could have done with something more interesting. Ah well. At least it's clearly nearing the end.
  • Two StarfishJustice League #2 - Still more cosmic nonsense that doesn't really do anything for me. I'm just not getting into this story. I hope it'll click with me at some point.
  • Four StarfishGreen Lanterns #49 - That's it? Wow. I don't know what to think of the resolution to Jessica's tale - part of me is happy and pleased and part of me is just asking what the big deal was all along. I guess story decompression has gotten so bad that a well-paced story seemed to end abruptly. On review, though, I liked it. A lot.
  • Three StarfishTeen Titans Go #28 - The first story involved our heroes being sent to the 1950s, where they definitely do NOT fit in. The second story was much more laugh-out-loud, as the team teases Robin for being a sidekick only to learn first-hand how difficult kicking the side can be. Nicely goofy.
  • Two and a half StarfishDoctor Strange #2 - Well, he clearly isn't completely powerless if he's able to do that. I have never been a fan of cosmic stories. I guess I like my stories set on Earth or something. So far, this series is not really all that impressive to me.
  • Three StarfishSpongeBob Comics Annual Giant Swimtacular #6 - Well, that was meta. Seeing the "creative team" trying to meet educational standards was... strange. There was ever so tiny appearances by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on the cover of a Shakespeare-inspired version of SpongeBob. But mostly, this was just really odd. Amusing as usual.
  • Four and a half StarfishUsagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #4 - To the halfway point, and the mystery continues to deepen. I love Ishida's methods of getting his way with his so-called superior, but I'm really curious what that lamp says and what its purpose is. I guess I'll just have to wait until I reach the next issue. I'm glad it is already in the to-read pile!

  • Jun 27th
  • Four StarfishMera: Queen of Atlantis #5 - I'm glad Leron is on Mera's "side". She needed that reminder, I think, to handle what was to come. As for Tula, I can't imagine she's at all happy with this situation. I just hope Orm remembers his family on the surface instead of falling deeply into that trap of "duty" as he seems to be doing.
  • Four StarfishBatman Beyond #21 - Everyone is seeing him as a monster now, so what's in the water in Gotham. Even Matt seems to be affected. This is actually a mystery I'm getting curious about.
  • Four StarfishScooby-Doo Team-Up #39 - A JSA team-up, including the real Red Tornado! This one is fun, and while Shaggy's solution to the problem at the end is a clever one, I think they need to bury that thing much deeper than 75 years worth of deep. Maybe Superman can throw it into deep space or something. Anyway, this was another fun issue.
  • Four and a half StarfishAstro City #52 - I literally got the chills when the Hanged Man showed up behind him. I mean, I felt chills all up and down my body. That's a powerful bit of storytelling. And this is the last issue of this as a comic book. I'm looking forward to the graphic novels, but wow, this book has always been so consistently good. I'll miss seeing it on the shelves.
  • Two StarfishPrisoner #3 - So this is a story. None of it is real. But due to the nature of this particular story, the narration itself is unreliable, which means the story might not be what I'm reading. So why should I care about it?
  • Three StarfishForever Free #3 - I think this book broke my brain. We had an entire series in which physics made sense, and the laws of the universe were used to make war, then peace, and now... this? In the third act of the second book of the series, we are not only introduced to a being which has been on Earth the entire time without anyone knowing - but also something *else*. How am I supposed to react to this? What am I supposed to think? And what about the dangling plot threads - the lost people and the lost ship? I think my brain is broken.