Monday, February 17, 2020

Kidney Saga part 23

French Toast for breakfast on Valentine's Day as mother-in-law prepared to head back to the wet side. We checked the pass reports and got worried, but there appeared to be a window in which she would be able to make it safely, so she took off after taking Eric out to lunch. She said there were some uncomfortable moments, but the ride was mostly clear.

I slept most of the morning and into the afternoon. Inkwell woke me in the morning by running into the bedroom, jumping on the bed and letting out a loud, long, continuous meow at me, almost a yell. I think he didn't approve of me sleeping when he knew I needed food. He approved when I got up. It was very strange behavior for him. He spent much of the rest of the morning next to me in bed. Every time I wake up he's there, looking at me.

The Yakima Court system sent a request for a doctor's note to excuse Eric from jury summons. After calling his primary care provider, they had a note for him. My kidney doctor also decided to fax a note as well. So in the end they will get a couple of notes and hopefully that will end that bit for now. Both Eric and I are perfectly willing and even eager to serve jury duty, but not under these circumstances.

I got some blood test results back, but they weren't as positive as I hoped. The number that really needed to go down went down, but by so little it almost doesn't matter yet. So I will just have to wait until the next blood test and hope it goes down more significantly.

Valentine's Day turned out to be pretty much all sleep all day, with moments of wakefulness caused by various things. I don't think I was particularly lucid at any point in the day. I wasn't hurting much, just really tired. At about 2am on February 15 is when full consciousness returned, and for several hours after that I was unable to sleep at all. Lovely.

That lasted until about 6am, at which point I slept again, and the 15th became another day of sleep. I kept waking up to see Inkwell watching me. Sometimes he'd purr up against me and cuddle. Clearly, Dr. Inkwell is on the job. I notice he watches me closely to see when I'm awake, and will sometimes jump up on me if he thinks I need to get up and move around. It's odd but comforting.

Sunday, Feb 16th, was another day of fatigue and mostly resting. I just have no energy at all. I can get downstairs to eat, but not much else is happening. As the pain is mostly gone, the fatigue just seems out of place now. I wish I could build up some endurance, but I'm not entirely sure how.

Monday, Feb 17th, it's blood draw day. But it's also a holiday, so I went to check the hours of the lab. They close at 2pm, and we've been going about 4pm, so I think we need to get out there early today. In addition, some family members from my side of the family are due to arrive today to help out for a few days. I'm a little worried they might want me to do things, which is going to be hard or impossible. We'll see.

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Dwight Williams said...

SO...federal or state-level holiday for you?

Eric said...

Actually, we didn't even go out for lunch. As soon as she was ready, with more foul weather moving in, we both decided a lunch out could wait, and she headed out then and there.

Tegan said...

Oh, I thought you got to go out with your mom. Sorry.