Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Kidney Saga part 95

My back pain is nearly gone.

The wedge pillow is working, and I only feel twinges here and there now. This has made exercising easier and life more bearable. I can tell if I stop sleeping on the pillow it'll come back, but hopefully soon even the twinges will go away.

Still suffering from exhaustion. I was hoping to get stronger as the week went on, but I do recall reading in the Cytoxan warnings that it takes a full week for the blood to start turning back to normal counts - and today is one week from the infusion. So maybe I'll get stronger from here on out.

The Retinol continues to work on my skin, which continues to heal slowly from the massive weight loss I experienced. There are two spots, one on either thigh, which tickle a bit every once in awhile. But otherwise I'm not feeling the discomfort anymore. It's very nice to be healing without minor pains.

I have a "green screen" now and plan to put it up and use it for Zoom meetings and such. I am still feeling shy due to the Prednisone moon face, but Eric claims it's starting to go away. I hope so. It feels so wrong to look in the mirror and see a Campbell's Soup Kid instead of me. And when I look at my wrists and ankles - which are about as tiny as they've been since I was in elementary school - and compare them to my face, it feels very strange. If all goes well, I will be off the Prednisone by the end of August, and that should be the end of the moon face. If I'm incredibly lucky, it'll also be the end of the diabetes, but I'm not counting on it.

My nephrologist called to ask if is fine to have another telemedicine session for our next appointment. I was delighted. Any time we don't have to drive to the Tri-Cities for an appointment is a good time. I still have to visit the Prosser hospital on Monday for the blood draw and samples, but that's trivial.

I've managed to start listening to podcasts again. My mind is no longer quite as messed up as before. Even the small reduction in the steroids seems to have had a good effect on my mental state. I can read, I can listen, I can almost play my MMO without running my characters into walls. I can catch Pokemon on my phone and I can scritch Dr. Inkwell when he jumps into my lap to give me purr therapy. Life is getting better.

This is my Pokemon Go Buddy, Storm, posing against my Aquaman wall.

Today's plan is more resting, with a bit of writing, reading and gaming on the side. If I'm feeling extremely bold, I'll start to work on putting up the green screen. It's going to take a bit of work, since I'm going to have to clean my room a little to fit it in. Too bad I couldn't afford a nice stand so I don't have to hang it on the wall. On the other hand, it'll be nice to have something on the wall behind me. The wall in front of me has a huge part of my Aquaman collection, but the wall behind me is pretty much bare.

Well, there are pixels to kill and Pokemon to catch and a cat who probably wants some attention soon, so I'm off to live my day. I hope you are enjoying yours as much as possible.

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