Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Kidney Saga part 111

Yesterday was my best day in months.

I had strength, I had energy, I was able to get up and down and the stairs without difficulty (for the most part). I felt fantastic compared to the past few months. I was happy - and surprised at how happy I was. It was a lovely day. And instead of overdoing it, I recognized that I was still a bit weak and took a nap in the afternoon. So I felt decent when I woke up this morning, too. In fact, I was able to make part of my lunch today! Maybe tomorrow I can do the whole shebang myself and spare Eric the work.

I just got off the Zoom with the nephrologist, who says my kidney functions are getting much closer to normal. Not quite there yet, but so much better. With the last of the chemo done, now we just have to wean me off the Prednisone and monitor my vitals to make sure I don't relapse. He made a small medicine adjustment, but for the most part I'm just staying the course for the next few weeks.

Basically, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm hoping to get there soon.

My beard continues to grow, and I am amused and disturbed by it. I don't dare shave it, but I have found myself absently pulling out hairs. I just hope the hair will go away once the Prednisone goes away. A little more than two months before that happens, though.

Once I'm off the Prednisone, my immune system will start to rebuild. The doctor said it would actually begin coming back once I'm on the lowest dose, in August, so by September or so I should begin to be a little safer than I currently am. So I need to avoid catching any other colds or viruses before then, I guess. That shouldn't be too hard with me in lockdown and hubby-Eric taking all precautions whenever he goes out.

My back pain is pretty much gone, knock wood, which is incredibly nice. I attempted to sleep in my bed flat last night, but in the morning I had a tiny bit of back pain, so I'll continue using the wedge pillow for a bit longer. It does feel like I should be able to sleep normally again, but I'm not quite there yet.

We are still awaiting word about one large medical bill. We requested relief, and sent in our information. We now qualify for food stamps - even under the more strict rules. But we don't know if we will get a reduction in the medical bill, which is close to $5000. We just have to wait and see.

So, it's now a case of wait-and-see, and there won't be a lot to report on unless I relapse or dramatically improve.

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