Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Stargirl and friends

I have not regretted getting DC Universe at all, and have enjoyed a number of shows on the website already. But as hubby-Eric and I just caught up with Stargirl, I thought I'd give a quick overview of the service and what I've gotten from it so far.

First off, the shows. In addition to Stargirl, which is cringe-worthy at moments but still a great deal of fun, we've also watched Young Justice, Doom Patrol, Titans, Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn. I've enjoyed all of them, although Harley definitely is NOT for children. My favorite of the bunch is probably the tamest: Young Justice. I was disappointed in how Swamp Thing ended - a problem with the production, not the show itself. Titans was uneven at times, but overall had strong characters and interesting plotlines. Doom Patrol is just really, really strange and I'm looking forward to the next season. Harley Quinn makes me laugh and then feel bad about laughing - but the themes and characters are spectacular. I am a HUGE fan of this version of King Shark. I wasn't too cool on the Aquaman appearance, but no hero comes off positively in this one.

Stargirl, a legacy show about the reforming of the JSA, is also a very strong show. I sympathize with Beth, in particular.

In addition to these shows, I've also been able to watch older shows and movies on the service. Eric has been watching the 1940s and 50s Superman and I watched the Constantine series from 2014. We've watched Super Friends together as well. In short, we've been able to catch a lot of cool vids.

An unexpected bonus came up recently when the service introduced a temporary rewards program. I was able to get enough points quickly to "buy" a movie that I wanted to see: Birds of Prey. So hubby and I got to watch that entirely because of the DC Universe service!

The service also offers comic books, which has allowed me to read a number of older books that I wanted to read/check out. While I haven't used this as much as the videos (mostly because I had a lot of trouble reading the last few months), I still have gotten through a couple of series I missed when they first came out.

I haven't really gotten into the community at all, mostly because I've learned over the years that I don't work and play well with others, so community forums are not something I should get involved in if I want to stay calm and happy. Nor have I paid much attention to their daily shows. I've just been more interested in pure content.


I'm writing this mostly because Stargirl was a lot of fun to watch this evening, and for perhaps the only time in a long time we are completely caught up with the shows on DC Universe we want to watch.


Eric said...

I just want to add that I finally got to see all of the 1990 "Flash" series (that really was the 1989 "Batman" movie done as a TV show, and had it gotten another season, an appearance by Michael Keaton would have fit in perfectly). I'm looking forward to finally seeing all of "Superboy" and "Lois and Clark". (Mmm, Teri Hatcher…)