Monday, May 10, 2021

Lupus Saga part 4

I have discovered that in my dreams, my hands do not hurt. They hurt all the time when I am awake. But my dream persona doesn't have sore hands. In fact, my dream persona is able to do chin-ups, as I learned last night in a vivid dream. I can still feel the surprise and joy when I managed to pull myself up on a bar - I felt powerful and strong and wonderful. I thought to myself, "I'm so glad I can do this now!" and laughed. And shortly after, when I woke up, I still felt the happiness, and the disappointment did NOT overwhelm it.

Today I saw the rheumatologist for a check-up. I'm improving, dramatically, according to my bloodwork. My overall health is slowly improving. The doctor was very pleased to learn that I've done at least five minutes a day on the exercise bike every day this year, and the "movement is medicine" mantra seems to be true, in my case, as I'm having very few problems with my legs.

My hands, meanwhile, continue to hurt. And I cannot lift my arms over my head without pain. Plus, I've got a bit of "Golfer's Elbow" thanks to sitting at my computer too much. I have some exercises that should help with that. One of them involves "walking" my hand up the wall until my arm just starts to twinge - but letting my fingers do the effort of lifting instead of my arm. I also am getting a couple of cheap weights to do regular curls. I plan on doing them on my morning streams.

Speaking of, I am streaming regularly in the mornings on Twitch. I've been usually doing about five hours of streaming, mostly playing Stream Raiders, sometimes on cam and mic, sometimes off. If you want to pop in and say hello, I'm at and usually start around 7 am Pacific and go until about noon. I monitor the chat almost constantly, so if you make a free Twitch account and write in my chat, I will probably answer... unless I'm in the middle of a Stream Raiders battle.

I had no obvious side effects from the COVID vaccine I got on April 6th, just a very slightly sore arm that didn't bother me half as much as my hands do every day. I did venture out to a restaurant when my sister visited, which was quite daring for me.

Hubby and I invested in HBO Max so I can watch DC movies, and I've taken full advantage of the service already, getting my money's worth. In addition to DC movies, I also went ahead and watched Godzilla vs Kong (fun in a classic monster movie sort of way) and Mortal Kombat (I expected violence and very little plot, I got violence and very little plot). After watching the Godzilla movie, I went back and watched the other three movies in the modern franchise - they were all fun. I didn't bother doing the same with the Mortal Kombat franchise, though. I also finally watched The Matrix all the way through, and found it much more compelling when you actually pay attention to it. I don't have any particular desire to see the sequels, but I may change my mind. I watched the Halle Berry Catwoman movie, and decided that it isn't a DC Universe movie at all - it just borrowed the name and almost nothing else. It's what a movie called "Catwoman" would be if someone who had never read a DC Comic and only knew about the superhero genre from Spider-Man wrote it.

I also tried to watch Cats, but the modem committed suicide while I was streaming it and I've been sternly warned by both the Spectrum internet tech and hubby-Eric not to try to finish it. No, not even just to listen to the songs. We don't want to lose another modem.

I do not play League of Legends, but I've found their music videos to be very interesting, which led me to look up the lore of the game - and it goes VERY deep. I'm not sure how deep I'm willing to go into that universe, but it's interesting and has been somewhat inspiring. The music is helping me trigger writing sessions. It's odd, if I'm writing while music is playing I will not actually hear the music, but if I stop writing for a bit, the music can help trigger another spurt of writing. So I play the music and hope for inspiration. One story I got quite a way into writing and felt like I need a first reader for it, but I'm not sure I'm currently brave enough to let someone else read.

So that's my latest update. I'm still keeping on, lots of pain, but still living. I guess I'll just have to see what tomorrow brings.