Thursday, January 18, 2007


My birthday is in a couple of days. I'll be celebrating by being at the pledge drive for the Tacoma PBS station, KBTC as they run a Doctor Who marathon. If you are so inclined, drop a few bucks to the station for Doctor Who as a birthday present. If you aren't inclined, please do not. If you're really daring, you can even try calling during the pledge drive itself and see if I answer the phone (if you do please donate some money, and ask for Laura not Tegan).

Fun Fifty of 2006 part 4 and Fun Fifty of 2006 part 5.

Heroes returning for a second season.

I gotta get this issue. Power Man and Iron Fist meet... WHO???

We're going to have to introduce Bully to Torvald someday.

Colleen wants us to watch an ad.

What does 200 calories look like?

How Big Is YOUR Starship?

The secrets of the 1918 flu, and what it can tell us about bird flu.

If the snow and ice continue much longer, I will have to order a pair of these just to get around. I don't want to completely stop walking when the weather gets like this, but I cannot risk falling. At least it's raining today, and the ice is pretty much gone.

Speaking of weather, here's a video of car crashes in a tunnel when there's ice on the roadway. And I thought Seattle drivers were bad. And, in case you missed it, here's video of that icy hill in Portland. The Modulator also links to another version of the video.

The Comet.

Police need to be educated in the use of tasers, as shown by another tasering incident in which a man was tasered for refusing to take off his hat at a city council meeting. Too many police departments seem to think that tasers are a stun gun... they aren't. Tasers can kill. No police officer should use a taser unless they think they situation is so bad that they are willing to kill the person they are tasering to stop them. Getting unruly after an officer forcibly steals your hat from your head doesn't seem to be a drastic enough situation for tasering.

More on Leah, from Colleen.