Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jan 6th Hearing

You don't have to watch the whole thing, but I strongly recommend at least listening to the entire thing. It's three and a half hours, yes, but it's something that every single American should hear.

The format is as usual for a committee hearing - The chair of the committee calls four witnesses. The four are officers who were on the front lines on January 6th. All of them were injured, some far worse than others. Each witness gives a prepared statement explaining where they were and what they did. And what happened to them. After the witness statements, some of which were incredibly painful to listen to, each member of the committee is given five minutes to question the witnesses.

I will note that if the minority leader had put his two traitors on the committee, they both pledged publicly to derail the hearing during the questioning phase. Pelosi refused them seats because they openly bragged about how they wouldn't do the job set to them. The two Republicans who actually agreed to serve honestly on the committee - both of whom I dislike intensely and disagree with on just about every policy matter - stayed on topic and asked good questions.

This is just the first hearing. There is a long way to go to find the truth... and the Truth. I hope the evidence hasn't been completely destroyed in the last six months.


Roger Owen Green said...

Jim Jordan has been a disgrace for years.
Watching those 4 guys talking about the emotional stress reinvigorates the feeling that any Member of Congress who has painted the January 6 assault as a stroll through the Capitol is unfit to serve in office.