Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Small Health Update

I saw my kidney doctor on Monday, and asked if I should be considering getting a booster shot of the vaccine, since I got the Johnson and Johnson single shot version on April 6th. He said not to worry about it yet, but keep paying attention to the news and, "if you don't trust the news you can call my office and ask."

He then noted that a number of his patients have refused the vaccine. Remember, these are people with kidney failure. He said three of his patients have caught COVID and ended up in the hospital. One had been vaccinated, and the case was mild. The other two had not been vaccinated. Both of them died.

This is anecdotal evidence, and I'm telling it to you second-hand, which means I may have gotten the facts slightly wrong. But even so, I saw the sadness in his eyes as he spoke and can't forget it. No doctor wants to lose a patient. Especially like that to something that - at that point - was preventable.