Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Frankenhaus strikes again.

First, let's revisit an older problem that I told you about back in March. So the letter that said a package of parts was on the way arrived in good time, but the package of parts itself never did. I got fed up almost immediately after I made that post, and I've been washing dishes carefully in the dishwasher, turning the power off to the machine between washes and making sure I was monitoring the thing while it washed just in case it burst into flames or something. But I got sick of waiting for my parts, so I called them again to complain. A nice young man ran me through the whole process again, looked up my parts, and attempted to tell his computer to send them again. But the computer refused. After a few minutes confusion, I was rechecking the machine and talking to another person who asked me if the inside of my machine was metal.


Um, yes, it's metal. "Oh good, you aren't part of the recall!" she announced. I wasn't sure whether to be incredibly peeved or relieved. I'm not part of the recall? But why did the other gal tell me I was? We went over my information ONCE MORE, and for once and for all it was clear, I was not part of the recall. The fact that my machine is metal inside and not plastic made all the difference.

So the dishwasher is safe. Yay.

But Frankenhaus does not let us rest easy. I told you about the mouse way back last Spring? Well, hubby-Eric spotted something in the garage, and it was a bit larger than that mouse. In fact, he's fairly certain it was a rat. It was feasting on some slug bait that had been sitting on a shelf for years. And apparently feeling no ill effects from it, either. Hubby-Eric caught it in action again a few days later, and finally I saw it just the other day when I heard something in the garage fall over and went to investigate. DEFINITELY A RAT. And, boy, that sucker can MOVE. I've only ever seen tame rats in cages before... this rat shook me because of where he was (in my garage climbing the window sill) and how fast he was going.

Ya'know, I can almost live with mice. But not wild rats. Something must be done!

We noticed a flier in the mail the other day advertising Cascade Pest Control. So I gave them a call today to find out how much Frankenhaus is going to cost us this time. The first visit, to check the property, start setting traps, and a couple of other services, was quoted to me as about $300 before any taxes (or extra complications, I'm sure). They would provide us with a list of places where the animals are getting in, and we can either have them block them, or do it ourselves. The price for blocking the holes couldn't be quoted, as they have no idea how many holes there are. If we want to set up a bi-monthly visit to keep pests away, it's a bit over $100 a visit. *sigh*

This house is not a money pit. It needs a little more TLC than Eric and I can manage, but it's a good house. It has a strong positive feeling to it. I liked it from the first day I set foot in it. But man, I have no idea how we're going to pay for this. Every time we think we're beginning to get on top of bills, BOOM! There's another unexpected one. Possums I can live with. Raccoons in the yard I can deal with. The spiders no longer bother me. Heck, I have survived even mice. But I can't handle rats. Tame rats are one thing, wild rats are another thing altogether.

I think I need to get some more eBay auctions going in the hopes that I can make enough to cover some of this new expense. Or maybe the house fairy will come along and give us a home makeover.