Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lunk... I'm just a Lunk. Or a Dimp

Ten of the Kind: This Comic Is No Longer Mint.

Mad Bun is updating on Thursdays. Update your weekly bookmarks.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed Addendum.

This is just cool. I really like Colleen Doran's artwork.

Top 25 Songs With a Secret.

Happy Birthday Doctor Who.

Ronald McDonald's Arrest.

If you have a comment troll that's annoying you, but you don't feel like deleting it's words, you can disemvowel them instead. Satisfying, and amusing.

Oooh, Blank Russian Nesting Dolls. So you can paint 'em yourself! I wanna make a Doctor Who set someday.

More on The Fine Art Thief.

We are all good at math. But Who Can Blame Them when people think they aren't?

Vault found in middle of street. A big black safe. In the middle of the street. Cool!

Wikipedia doing what it does best: Virginia Tech Massacre timeline and information.

Afghanistan Garden of Eden.

E-Voting continues to be fraud, and all elections decided with e-voting machines need to be redone. If you vote on one of these "voting" machines, you might as well not vote at all.

Another pug for the in-laws. This reminds me of when one of their pugs managed to fall into their fish pond. Heh.