Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Morning

Spent a couple of hours mucking about in mud that wasn't just mud this morning as I did the rounds with a local FFA teacher to get some interviews for our annual FFA special section. When I got home I left my shoes in the garage to dry up so I could get the... stuff... off 'em.

I did enjoy the experience overall, though. I got to see cows, horses, pigs, cats, dogs, chickens, roosters, ducks, sheep, pygmy goats and rabbits. The barn cats tended to be quite friendly, but skittish. At one place the cows were wandering loose in the yard and crowded up to me, checking to see if I had any food hidden in my camera.

When I got home, Inkwell spent a VERY long time sniffing me. I hope he enjoyed the "show".

In other news, Eric and I saw the local high school's version of Romeo and Juliet last night. It was a cut-down version, about 80 minutes long according to the program. Sound was an issue in some scenes because they didn't have enough mics to cover the entire cast. Best part of the show was at the Capulet's ball where Mercutio led most of the cast in the Oppa Gangnam Style dance, complete with excellent lip-syncing on Mercutio's part. The lead actor and actress also had a decent amount of chemistry, enough to definitely buy that they would fall in love so quickly. Not the best version ever, but certainly not bad. I'm actually tempted to go see it again tonight just to see the dance scene again.

I think my Wednesday column will be about cheese zombies. I just haven't figured out what angle I'm going to take. There's the school nutrition commentary, which is obvious. There's the nostalgia commentary, also obvious. I could also talk about regional differences. I'm leaning toward a comparison with my school lunches and what I see the local students eating. Maybe.

Eh, boring blog entry. I'll try to put together a nice linkdump sometime in the next week.


Roger Owen Green said...

You could write about cheese zombies and how scary they are!
Oh, wait: I just read your previous post; not scary at all, except maybe calorie-wise.