Thursday, June 02, 2005

Random Thoughts

I only need $417 more (counting some mailed donations I know about) to do The Walk. And wish me luck in Race For The Cure... I'm doing that this Saturday.

Go get a Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut Tomorrow.

Neil Armstrong Threatens to sue his barber. That's right. Some guy who collects celebrity hair wanted some of Neil's, so Armstrong's barber sold him some clippings. For $3000. And Armstrong is NOT happy about it.

Meanwhile, Buzz Aldrin is writing children's books. I think I'd rather read about "Reaching for the Moon" than "The Barber Who Stole My Hair".

Amy's New York Notebook points us to The LA Fire Department Blog, which gives details and background information on big cases. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this from fire/police departments. It is certainly a way to connect with people.

Remember Princess Diana's death? Well, Lindsay Lohan nearly had a similar thing happen, as a paparazzi-idiot intentionally crashed into her car to keep her from getting away from him.

Mark Evanier cruelly points us to Crazy Frog, which turns out to be an ad for ringtones that viewers in Britain are really tired of seeing.

Carmen Sandiego is found by Google. Via MeFi.

The Daily Show tackles Deep Throat.

Westminster Abbey won't let The Da Vinci Code movie shoot on location, as the story is "theologically unsound". Um. Ok.

Chekov to star in Fan Trek show, written by DC Fontana. Whoa. Even Paramount is willing to let it happen, as long as distribution is free on the 'net. Cool.

Polite Scott starts a catalog of fictional medicine from comic books. I can't remember what the Atlantean serum was that turned them from air breathers to water breathers and back again, but I think it was something stupid like "Serum X".

Legomancer on new Doctor Who.

Tom Spurgeon reports on the reaction to David Horsey's Cartoon about Newsweek and Torture. There are people out there who seriously believe that Horsey committed treason by reporting the truth in a political cartoon.

But that's all ok, because according to The Register, we're all gonna die of bird flu anyway.