Friday, July 22, 2005

3-Day Blogging Camp One

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Transcript: "Well, it's time to blog again. I'm here in beautiful Marymoor Park where we've set up camp. Well, actually the boy scouts apparently set up camp and we're just sleeping in the tents that they set up.

"I got here around 4 pm, not under my own power unfortunately. I got swept with about a mile and half left to go. My left foot cramped up and I just couldn't go any further. I suspect it's because the shoes I was wearing were not the shoes I was using for most of my training, and I just didn't anticipate the problem*. Anyway... I'm probably gonna hit the medical tent first thing in the morning, before I even get out on the trail.

"I don't know where the trail's going tomorrow, but I suspect we're gonna go up the Sammamish River/Burke-Gilman trail for a few miles at least, until we get out of town**. I don't know though, we're going to end up in Shoreline tomorrow. It'll be interesting.

"I've now had the wonderful experience of showering in a truck. Except for the fact that there was no space, it was wonderful. But then, after walking 16 miles I guess having a nice hot shower is a good thing.

"Dinner was spaghetti, which is actually what Eric made for me yesterday. And it was ok***.

"Um, what else? Hmm...

"Did I mention the sea of little blue tents that the boy scouts set up for us? I mean, there are a lot of tents. Sometimes I don't realize just how many people there are in this. But, three thousand women is an awful lot.

"Anyway. Everyone's drying out. It was very very wet this morning and now it's sunny and hot and wonderful and it's supposed to be sunny and hot and wonderful tomorrow and the next day.

"Oh my... I'm so tired. In fact, I'm so tired I think I'm going to stop now and go to bed. So, thanks for listening, good-bye."

* I actually thought the second pair of shoes would help prevent blisters, but they may well have caused the more serious problem in my left foot.
** I was wrong. We only went up the trail a mile before we left it for the mean streets of Redmond.
*** Eric's spaghetti is much, much better.