Friday, July 22, 2005

3-Day Blogging Friday Lunch

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Transcript: "Ok, well, here I am. We're at Interlake High School, this is the lunch stop. We're 9 and a half miles in... nine and half? Wait, 10 and a half miles in, and we've got a good seven or eight more miles left* before we get to camp at Marymoor Park.

"We got here** this morning and it was drizzly and rainy and cold, and it got worse. As I pointed out to one Walker who was very dismayed at the thunder, it was Mother Nature herself giving us a nice cheer.

"It's been inspiring, lots and lots of people. I mean, the Walk itself is just walking but people keep honking and saying hello and waving. And I've got this T-shirt on, the Bouncing Betties T-shirt***, that makes people comment to me as they're passing, so that's pretty cool.

"And at the first cheering station my mom was there, which I wasn't expecting. I'm very happy to see her. In fact I gave her my really really really wet T-shirt that wasn't the dry-wick T-shirt I'm wearing now***.

"Long way to go, I guess. I think I can make it. Seven or eight miles, that's not bad. And I've been to the first aid tent a few times for blister prevention, but I don't think any of them have actually formed yet. Which is a good thing.

"Oh sigh well, quite inspiring. I think I'm gonna take off now, leaving the lunch area. And I'll blog again tonight. Bye!"

* It was seven miles left, for a total of 17.5 for the day.
** By "here" I meant Lake Sammamish State Park, where the Walk started.
*** I have three Bouncing Betties Dry-Wick T-shirts, one for each day. I wore one under my 3-Day shirt for the opening ceremonies, which actually managed to keep me a little more dry than I otherwise would have been.