Friday, February 03, 2006

Go Seahawks!

Let's make this an entirely Super Bowl entry.

First off, Go Seahawks!

Seahawks Logo

I honestly have no clue which team is better. From the records alone, I would go with the Seahawks, but it's hard to ignore the Steeler's recent run (pre-playoffs included). They seem to be peaking at just the right time. I hope the teams are as evenly matched as they seem to be, because that will mean an exciting game. I'm a little surprised that all the experts are calling the game for the Steelers, though.

Hubby-Eric and I are starting to clean up the house for the big party. As I mentioned, the party actually starts tomorrow with our usual Doctor Who shindig (featuring the 8th Doctor). We will party into the night, everybody will go home for a few hours, then we'll have another party on Sunday for the Super Bowl, starting at about 2 pm and going until everyone goes home.

Everyone is invited, and if you want details or something, drop me a line to with a subject of "Seahawks Party" so I don't mistake it for spam. You are welcome to root for any team except for Pittsburgh. I've had one person ask if they can root for The Saints... that's fine, they aren't the Steelers. Eric and I don't do the alcohol thing, so BYOB if you need it to enjoy the game.

Not to disrespect Pittsburgh, of course. I've always kinda liked the Steelers. They certainly aren't a team I hate. Overall, I find trash talk between cities to be silly. Almost every city has something cool about it. And, heck, Detroit is cool too. Never been there, but I can still enjoy Motown.

Speaking of trash talk, I'm already sick of hearing about some stupid "feud" between Joey Porter of the Steelers and Jerramy Stevens of the Seahawks. I heard what Stevens said, and it was what any player going into the game should be saying. Porter responded a bit over-the-top, which just makes me wish Stevens had kept his mouth shut.

The weather is threatening to not cooperate. We've got a major windstorm supposedly headed into the state today and tomorrow. Stores that sell or rent generators have been gearing up just in case. We don't have a backup plan if the power goes out here, so we're just keeping our fingers crossed that the storm is a fizzle.

I recently bought a Girl Genius mini-button from Cafepress to go on my "fanbag". I looked all over for a button of the same size with the Seahawks logo on it, but couldn't find anything. All the pins I'm finding are more expensive enamel pins. I'd like a cheap little metal one. And one for the M's, too. Most of my current ones are DC Comics related.

Right, enough of that. Go Seahawks!

Seahawks Logo