Saturday, February 04, 2006

Power Outages

Three so far. That I've noticed.

Two were pretty early, during the first run of the storm. I was awake because the rain was coming down so hard it woke me. The first one I almost didn't notice... but there was a sound like "Wooom!" I noticed my clock blinking a few moments later, which is when I realized what had happened. No sooner had my sleepy brain worked through what had happened then it happened again. "Wooom!" Again, just a few moments later the power was restored. I slowly feel asleep.

Next time was about 5 am, and I was sleeping lightly. The "Wooom!" this time woke me, and I said aloud, "Another power outage!" and heard my hubby answer, "Another?" Again, it didn't last long.

I didn't sleep well, but at least we have power now (knock on wood) and no trees have hit the house.

Update: another short outage at 8am. Storm isn't over yet.

Update: 8:00pm - Power is finally back on. The power went out just after 8:40 am and stayed out for over 11 hours. The Doctor Who party turned into an amusing bust. We had four people show up to the powerless house. We sampled Italian sodas. We started the party by showing Firefly on one of the computers, then we went out for pizza, then came back and started watching a Doctor Who show on another computer... when the power finally popped back on. Let's hope is stays on for the big game.