Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I Haven't Called Comcast About The Latest Outage

We're having problems with our internet connection. The connection is spotty at best, going in and out randomly. For a little while we have connection, then suddenly most websites won't load but e-mail is fine. Then e-mail stops. Then a few websites start to load. Then nothing works. Then everything works.

I did the standard steps when we have an outage. I unplugged the router and modem, let everything rest for a few minutes, then plugged it all back in. Still having the same problems.

I haven't called Comcast. And this is why: I've called them when we've had issues like this before, and they say "We aren't having any outages in your area, have you rebooted your computer?" "Yes." "Have you turned your modem on and off?" "Yes." "Have you disconnected the modem then reconnected it?" "Yes." "Have you turned off any routers and connected your computer directly to the modem?" "Yes." "Have you jumped up and down and sung the National Anthem off-key for ten minutes?" "No." "Ok, try that and call us back if it doesn't work." After awhile, usually an hour or two, I'll call them back and report that the problems are still happening only to get a different tech support lackey who says, "Oh, we've been having outages in your area for the last few hours! They'll be fixed soon!"

There's absolutely no point in calling them. They've made that clear with their nonsensical instructions to do pointless stuff (I had one tech support lackey suggest turning off the power in my house to fix the problem!!!). If you haven't done every stupid step they suggest, they won't help you further. And it always turns out to be their fault in the end. Usually something that they refused to admit to while it was happening.

It wouldn't be so bad if the tech support lackey would just say, "I haven't got any reports of problems in your area, I'll report it," when someone says they've checked their end. I know, I know... there are folks who think they done the steps, but haven't. But at least they could ask you if you know what you are doing and take your word for it if you say you do, instead of taking you through the whole checklist then insisting, even after you've done everything on the list, that it's your problem, not theirs.

Bitter? What, is it that obvious?