Friday, May 11, 2007

Bully Has Been Trolled!

Torvald and Bully, Good Friends

Bully came to visit with his friend John, and they took us out to dinner. Bully did NOT run into the parade for Blake Lewis, though we saw a lot of Blake Lewis fans. We went to a nice Italian place down the street, though Torvald chose to stay home. I'm sure that Bully will have his own report of the meal, but I just want to say that Bully sometimes chews with his mouth open and talks with his mouth full... but he's still fun to hang around with, so don't let that put you off. Personally, I had a "disaster" day for my food recording, but it was worth it for good food and company. In a few short hours, Bully will be on a plane back to New York... but it was fun to meet him.

Update: It only seems fair to share the rest of the pictures I got with Bully. Bully also met famous TV personality Monty the Penguin, who insisted on a group shot with Torvald.

Torvald, Monty and Bully

Monty then asked Bully to pose with his scarf, and we got a great image of Bully in a Doctor Who scarf.

Bully in Doctor Who Scarf

After a long discussion about Oz during dinner, Bully asked to be introduced to Scraps, the one Oz doll that I own (as opposed to hubby-Eric, who owns many others). As you can see from the picture, Bully is quite taken with her.

Scraps and Bully

And that's it. Really. Bully may have a few more pictures, but I didn't take any more than these.