Friday, May 11, 2007

Morning Links

I must avoid downtown Bothell today. Not a problem... but BULLY is coming to visit today, so I hope he and John don't get caught in traffic from the parade.

Not a crop circle... a desert circle? Who made this, and why?

Ooooh, instructions on installing Ubuntu to dual-boot with Windows. I'm almost to the point where I've got my system properly backed-up for the install. Soon I will be running Ubuntu at least part of the time.

Vintage Seattle on Denny Hill, thanks to a question I asked. Cool!

The origins of the word "picnic".

Being thin doesn't mean you are healthy. Another argument in favor of exercise and not just diet to lost weight.

If you didn't see it, it's worth checking out. First watch Cooking With Feminists and see Stephen Colbert's first kiss with Jane Fonda. Then check out Colbert's Wednesday night interview with Jane Fonda, in which she stuns Colbert and almost manages to render him speechless, though he bravely forges on. I had to watch it twice I was laughing so hard.

Huh. Nobody helped me with my GIMP scripting problem I mentioned. That's really unusual. I've found that with blogs, I usually get an answer within a day. Oh well.

And for the in-laws: Darth Pug.