Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey Kids, Links!

2007 LEGO Advent Calendar Day 11 & 12: A street sign (danger sign?) and a handtruck with a barrel of oil.

Readers Digest's Condensed Seduction of the Innocent. Lovely. Via.

I'm a sucker for LOLCats, and now there's LOLScience. Here's LOL_NASA. Yes, I'm easily amused. Good thing, too.

Fangoria's back issues are now collectibles. Ouch.

GO Norm Johnson! I always liked him when he was a Seahawk.

The "War on Christmas" gets nasty. I don't get why people who claim to be Christian can blaspheme against Christ's name like that. But then, it was most likely a bunch of jerks looking for a fight anyway.

On that note: The Bible According To Google Earth.

Mark Evanier in Spamalot.

Visual in-jokes in Pixer Productions. I hadn't heard about a few of these before.

Worried about what will happen when TVs all go digital? Worry no more.

I want.

Well, vodka does mean "water". Yikes.

The Princess Bride Game.

Top News Story: Female bodies are designed for pregnancy!

Best Buy Regrets stupid Cease & Desist letter.

Hey, who is decorating the freeway?


Woody Allen on the Writer's Strike.