Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Awhile ago, hubby-Eric's father gave us a GPS to play with. He said it doesn't work indoors, or under trees, or when it's particularly overcast... which made it a bad fit for Seattle. But out here in Churchville there are almost no trees and the weather is generally nice. So today I went online and hunted up a user manual for the thing, and then took it along on my walk to find out how far it thinks I went versus what Gmaps Pedometer thinks.

I took a MUCH shorter walk today, figuring that after going over three miles in the last two days I should vary my routine just a little. So I went on a walk around the neighborhood that Gmaps Ped says is about 0.51 miles. That's half a mile, not bad.

The GPS told me that I was on a perfectly flat surface, that I was averaging 3 miles an hour, and that I went a total of 0.48 miles. Hrm. Not a horribly dramatic difference, but a difference nonetheless. I think I'll have to take the GPS along on some other walks and see what the difference is. I've been relying on Gmaps Ped for a long time and never expected it to be totally accurate. But if it's way off on the longer distances, I might end up a little concerned.

By the way, the GPS says that the elevation at the foot of my driveway is 692 ft. Fun.