Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Chill of the Night!" - I like the Zatanna opening. But the rest of it is considerably more intense. Not that the outcome was ever really in doubt.
  • Battlestar Galactica: "Black Market" - Too many fracking flashbacks! This is a Lee-centric episode, all about Lee's past and current relationships. I think the solution Lee comes up with is the best for the fleet, despite the President's dismay.
  • Doctor Who: "Victory of the Daleks" - I was not looking forward to this episode, because I'm a bit tired of Daleks. I was happily surprised. No, it wasn't perfect. No show is, but it was nice. And I had apparently done a better job at avoiding spoilers than I realized, because the "next week" preview was a complete surprise to me. And get rid of the stupid bow tie already!
  • Ghost Hunters: "Ghosts in the Attic" - First up is a private home with a long time ghost infestation that the family just lived with until it got violent in the recent past. The stories don't lend themselves to debunking. I appreciated that Grant explained sleep paralysis to the client, along with their emphasis on taking control. Whatever ghosts are, they shouldn't be in charge of a person's house. Second place is a bar in New Jersey with a long history. They casually mention that Steve and Tango are off working on Ghost Hunters Academy. The flashlight trick... well, without examing the flashlight, I can't tell how that could happen. That's where you have to trust the team, or the show is not at all believable. No skeptic will ever trust the team, so that evidence is simply no good, regardless of how true it actually is.
  • Destination Truth: "Ghost of Petra; The Lizard Man" - Oh yeah, Petra! One of my favorite places I'll probably never visit! I love the stories, and I wish the team had given us a little more scenes of the whole city in normal light, but that's not their style. Audio evidence, but nothing totally convincing. From Petra to Southern Swamp, the team next goes after the lizard man of South Carolina. This one has been investigated by MonsterQuest, so I already had an idea of what they were going to find. I swear, they must ask for the worst rental car on the lot. It was fun to see the entire town show up and have a Lizard Man party with the crew. Josh came to the right conclusion, it appeared. I liked how some of the folks warn the crew against going into the swamp because of snakes and such, but not the lizard man.