Monday, April 19, 2010

The Dollar Tomato, Part III

To my surprise, the last two seeds have also sprouted in my One Dollar Tomato Kit. All five seeds managed to produce sprouts!

Five Sprouts!

I thought you might like a view with something else in the picture to give some real context, so here's an image that shows you the height these little suckers have managed to achieve:

Three and a half inches

The directions say to transplant the tomatoes into bigger pots when they reach 3 inches. Other sources online have also pointed out that the second set of leaves need to be in place before transplanting. The point is still moot at the moment, because the sprouts are only 1 1/2 inches tall. But they popped up amazingly fast, once they started to sprout. For the record, I planted the seeds on March 31st.

So, I haven't yet killed them, I think they are getting enough but not too much water, and plenty of sunlight. I'm a little worried by their color, but I don't know anything about what the color ought to be, so I'm just going to let them grow and hope for the best. Hubby-Eric and I got three pots and potting soil for the first three sprouts, and I'll walk down and get another two pots one of these days. It's still a guess if they will get big enough to transplant, and if they do how long they'll survive after that. I wish I had a tiny watering can for growing them on the windowsill, though! More on them as they grow. Stay tuned...