Monday, August 30, 2010


Deep Thought: I've been having so much fun with my Batman: Brave and the Bold Wall Stickers that I wish somebody would make a set of Wizard of Oz wall stickers based on Denslow's artwork so hubby-Eric could join in the fun.

Hrm, this comic art exhibit is in my neck of the woods. Maybe I ought to go check it out when it starts? The exhibit is September 18 through November 15 at The Maryhill Museum of Art, which I've been meaning to visit anyway.

Politics on the Bendis Boards as the opponent of the "kids reading comics, *gasp*" ad speaks out.

Todd Klein reviews Age of Bronze #30.

Phil tells us the moon is shrinking.

Wait, these idiots were ghosthunting on a train bridge still in use?!?? Hello, people! Where's the common sense? Look, I have no problem with ghosthunting, but permission, common sense, and safety should be top priority, not simply seeing the ghost. Sheesh.


Fast Food Ads vs Reality.

LOLCat Theology continues to grow.

Pug for the in-laws.