Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Dollar Tomatoes *burp*




Yes, I ate them. They were a little green, still, but really good. Especially when you consider that I grew them from seed. I will let future tomatoes ripen a little more before digging in.

But I did it. I grew something from seed that I was able to eat. And I am utterly confident that I can do it again next year. And better, as well, since I know what mistakes I made this time.


Carolyn said...

you are an inspiration to us all!

I feel that I'd be too lazy/not motivated enough to keep up a garden. And that's considering I have lots of energy!

I live in apartment, but I can rent a plot from a community garden if I wished to do so. My sister is quite the gardener and it was awesome sampling stuff from her garden when I visited her in July. Way better then what you get in the store. At least there are Farmer's Markets though, those are a good thing.