Thursday, September 30, 2010

So... Many... Tomatoes...

I'm in Seattle for the weekend, helping out at BrickCon 2010. I came over a little early so I could be with my family and recover from the long solo drive. I also brought my family a little gift of every ripe tomato I could find on the One Dollar Tomato plants. The bucket in the following picture is a 4 quart Dairy Glen ice cream bucket, and the tomatoes are almost overflowing from it.

Bucket of Tomatoes

I'm not really sure what the LEGO alligator was doing there, except that he apparently likes tomatoes:


Um. Right. Anyway, my sister and I went on a jaunt to REI to look for an appropriate hat for her cold weather class that she's going to be taking, and I spotted the following. All I really want to know is why. Why that name? Just... why.

Cat Crap

After our jaunt at REI we stopped in at a grocery store and I spotted these Oz Pumpkins, which I was tempted to get for hubby-Eric, except I knew they wouldn't last long and add in the whole trip over the mountains and it just didn't seem like the best ever idea. Oh well.

Oz Pumpkins

But man, if they're from Oz, I wonder if they have any magical Oz powers? Is orange the color of any Oz country? Would they work as Jack Pumpkinhead heads?

Oh well. I've got other things to do tonight before turning in. I hope to write a little more about BrickCon if I'm not so tired I can't function. In the meantime, I think Eric will be keeping up his Banned Books Week posts for your enjoyment and edification.