Friday, May 17, 2013


We got our first CSA of the year today. Used some chive flowers in tonight's pasta dish.

In case you can't read the newsletter in the picture, we go to Heavenly Hills Harvest Farms to get our organic and utterly unfamiliar produce. I just hope we can figure out what to do with most of it. For the record, we got Purple Orach, Swiss Chard (yum!), Cilantro, Sorrel, Leeks, "Red Dragon Stirfry Blend", "Spring Green Salad Mix", Dill, Sage, Sage Flowers, Arugula Flowers, Chives (with flowers) and Tarragon.

And I honestly do not know what to do with most of it. We decided to try the chive flowers tonight since it seemed a) obvious and b) simple. They were good. I would like to get some potatoes to bake so I can put sour cream and chives on them... yummm.

Any advice on how to use any of the stuff is welcome. As long as it's easy.