Sunday, December 01, 2013

LEGO Advent 2013 Day One

Well, when I last did a LEGO Advent story, it was mildly popular and amused the heck out of me, even if nobody else enjoyed it. So I think it's time to do it again.

Dec 1st:

1 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

This is Ed. He's a security guard on the night shift. He drinks a LOT of coffee to keep him going on the night shift, which is entirely too long during the winter. Ed used to be a police officer but left the job after that unfortunate incident with the sirens, whipped cream and the deputy police chief, but we won't go into that. He's now on the job late at night in December, waiting for whatever event may happen next.

To Be Continued...


Arion said...

Look great!

By the way, I loved what you wrote about The Day of the Doctor. I'm a big Doctor Who fan and I loved the 50th anniversary celebration.


Bill Doughty said...

This is the first year we dragged our feet on getting one of the Lego Advent calendars for the kiddo, and so of course now we can't find one, City or Star Wars! We got so used to still seeing these things on the shelves well into the next year that we got complacent.