Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I wrote about Pi Day in my column for last Friday. Today I had a Lenten pie... blackberry. I very kindly spared you a picture of it, because I'm nice that way, but it was a hulking thing. Very densely packed. Delicious.

Inkwell has spent my lunch hour trying to get to my face so he can smell my breath. He does this when he thinks I'm eating something he wants. Well, and he also tries to get to my food as well.

I was told by the editor to pull a story going into today's paper as contest fodder. He hasn't given me that suggestion in a long time, so it feels pretty good.

I've been working on my Aquaman website and the Aquaman Wiki the past week. It's both strange and a little sad how my obsessions drive me. I'll update frantically for a week or two, then completely lose interest in updating for a month or three. Very frustrating. I'm so glad the Aquaman Shrine came along to fill that gap.

I forgot to make a cake for Aqualad's birthday. I'm trying to think of some way to appropriately have a remembrance, but it may have to wait a little longer. Between work and illness, I've had little time. Speaking of time, I'm working pretty much the entire day on Saturday. And I probably ought to go back to work now, since my lunchtime really is nearly over.