Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Sunday Review

I appear to be in one of those "I'm not reading much" periods, but I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon enough. In the meantime, I have still gotten through my comics, which just arrived this week. So, here's the first week of last month's books. I'm considering a Comixology subscription to the two Aquaman books so I can keep up on them on release day.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Mar 5th
  • Forever Evil #6 - I should have figured out that he would eventually arrive... but what an entrance!
  • Earth 2 #21 - Oops. Did Sloan just give everything away? As for the rest... yay Aquawoman!
  • Green Lantern #29 - What, Hal's figured out that he can't do it all on his own? Amazing.
  • Scooby Doo Team-Up #3 - Bat-mite was bad enough, I thought... but Scooby-mite? Though what turns up at the end may be the funniest of all.
  • Tales of Honor #1 - When you take a treasured novel and turn it into a different medium, it's going to change. The only question I have is how much am I going to enjoy this version compared to the original. So far... jury is still out. As for this issue, the framing sequence is a little odd to me, but I suppose it works well enough.
  • Twilight Zone #3 - Somehow I figured that was how it would go. Now, what will be the next twist?
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales from Oz #3 - Scarecrow - Um. Nasty? This one is so far from the original origin that I'm just going to say blah and leave it at that.