Thursday, April 10, 2014


You may have heard about a nasty bug in website scripts that allows people to access just about all the private info stored on those websites. This website is running tests to find out which sites are vulnerable. If a site you use regularly is on their most recent list, there isn't any point in changing the password yet. But you should probably change passwords across the board once people are on top of this bug.

Ok, on a lighter note, ever wondered about costumes that get recycled from movie to movie? Well, there's a tumblr for that. I like this one, an early Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover. And then there's a modern Doctor Who costume, sort of. Via Elayne.

More analysis has been done on a fragment of papyrus that is apparently from the Gospel of Jesus's Wife. It looks genuine. Of more interest is the fact that the private collector who owns the piece is willing to loan it to Harvard on a long-term basis to have it properly studied. Hrm...

I always find views of North Korea from former North Koreans to be fascinating. This one is both fascinating and oddly chilling. History will not judge us lightly for allowing North Korea to continue without trying to do more to help its people.

I don't like linking to Buzzfeed, but this is just depressing and ought to be noticed. What's so scary is that the guy who performed this insult probably hasn't got the slightest clue why it's insulting, and wouldn't be able to understand if it was explained to him in small words.