Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ah... the weekend...

Ok, first up, Anglicon has a guest! Sophie Aldred, who played Ace, is the first announced guest of the convention, but definitely not the last.


As I write this, the snowstorm is headed over the Cascade mountains towards us. I do not know if we're going to get hit with it, but the balmy short-sleeves weather is apparently over again. It's only a bit above freezing outside and we're hearing that the passes are requiring traction tires now. Should it actually snow here, I'll try to get a picture. I've seen several photos of snow in Everett and Seattle on Facebook, though it sounds like it melted off pretty quickly.

According to NOAA, it's supposed to get sunny here for the remainder of the day and for tomorrow before the storm hits Sunday night. The chances of snow are fairly low, 30% or less, so we may not get anything at all. What we will definitely get is temps dropping to the low teens overnight. Good thing we've got the heavy blankets out.

Alrighty, then... let's move on to some links I found interesting...

Biology books censored for information about contraception. Namely, that contraception exists. This is a pathetic story about pathetic people who want to handicap their own children in the name of religion. Ignorance does not protect innocence, it makes innocence vulnerable.

In another part of the internet, someone has proof that Santa and Odin are the same person. I particularly like the bit about how Santa gets fat from drinking Coca Cola.

The Antikythera mechanism is older than previously thought... maybe. It's hard to be certain, you know, with this kind of artifact.

Here's an op-ed on the watermelon joke. For the record, Handler realized his own stupidity, apologized sincerely and attempted to focus attention back on the book. But it was still incredibly insensitive and rude of him.

Not much else to report. The home front has been quiet since Eric's folks left. Inkwell has been clingy, no doubt to make sure Eric and I stay with him. But the big news is definitely the first guest for Anglicon, since Eric's been working on that for months now.

Update: We got a little snow...