Friday, November 28, 2014

The Morning After

I do not intend to go shopping today. If I buy anything, it will only be food to immediately consume, and even that is fairly unlikely.

This is the only day of the entire year that I feel like it's really necessary to mention that I'm not buying anything. Strange, that...

It was *REALLY* warm over here yesterday, almost into the 70s. Cliff Mass explains why, and also gets me worried about what's coming up next.

In political news, some researchers looked at gerrymandering, and found some interesting statistical improbabilities. It's not a surprise, but the math and modeling is interesting.

Inkwell is currently running from window to window because a local stray is outside, the one that's black like Inkwell. The other day Inky was agitated, so I went to the glass door to figure out what bird was tormenting him, and saw what I thought was Inky's reflection. A moment later I realized it was the stray sitting right on the other side of the door, looking right at Inky. When it saw me it looked up, had that vague look of alarm on its face, then slowly sauntered off across the yard, occasionally looking over its shoulder to make sure I wasn't following it. Inky sputtered in anger.

I put up the Christmas tree last night and pulled out the other decorations. I haven't put anything else up. Maybe Eric and his folks will do something before the in-laws head back over the mountains. I don't know. I'll be at work, so I don't actually much care, either.

I suppose I ought to actually get ready for work now. A few minutes ago I was falling asleep in the chair, so getting up and moving might be a good idea. Morning comes entirely too early some days.