Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday! I want it to be another Saturday so I can rest...

Slate has an article about how expensive it is to be poor. Also: Terry Pratchet and the "Boots" theory. via.

Breaking Cat News Christmas Special Part 3. Oh, Tommy!

So, I'm partially recovered from the parade Saturday night, but I gotta go to work today and write up the cutlines (captions) for the photos. I've also got high school sports to cover, so I probably should go early.

Inkwell jumped up on my lap, pushing my laptop off, just after halftime of the Seahawks game yesterday. Then he stayed there until the game ended. At the end of the game he sat up, yawned and jumped off my lap. I didn't realize he was an NFL fan.

My sister texted me yesterday to ask if my town has a crow problem. Turns out a Seattle TV station has done a piece about Sunnyside's crow problem. Yes, we hear the fireworks at night. Since I've lived here, the crows always come back to town at night in the winter... it's a heat sink. And they always make a terrible mess.

Ok, off to work. Maybe I'll write something else later if today isn't too hard.