Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Morning Thoughts

I was sick yesterday... ended up coming home from work a little early and sleeping for a few hours... slept in this morning, wished I could sleep in longer. Getting ready for work is difficult. Here's some links I gathered up last night for everyone to enjoy.

Breaking Cat News Christmas Special: Part Seven. That's not a little happy tear in my eye, just dust or something.

Happy Holidays from Texts from Superheroes. I like the first one the most.

How to step on lava.

The Oatmeal learns about self-driving cars by taking a ride in one. And makes some important points about the use of having such a car, particularly for people with disabilities.

In the latest I Had That! #44: Doctor Who: The Game of Time and Space, Dave makes this game sound incredibly unappealing... but I like the additions.

Microsoft is actually going after the tech support scammers? Wow. I got a call from them that I answered. I asked the guy what it is like working for a company that lies to everyone they call. He hung up on me.

Yet another study determines that red light cameras don't improve safety. Often because scumbag cities shorten the time of yellow lights to get more money.

Now to get sadly serious. The vast majority of the protests have been peaceful... which unfortunately has had the knock-on effect of the media ignoring them. Some police departments and officers still need to be investigated... action needs to be taken at the local, state and federal levels to make sure justice is actually being served. But we also need to condemn violence of any sort. The murder of two officers in New York may or may not have been related to the last four months of protests, but it cannot be allowed to stop any progress towards justice that may be made. And it should be condemned by all, including the protesters.