Thursday, January 08, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I submit to you that any person who feels that they must defend their almighty "god" by killing non-believing blasphemers is not actually worshipping a god. If their god is so weak that it cannot handle a little blasphemy from a non-believer, it's not only not divine, it's simply pathetic. If it has to be defended by its "true-believers," then it's simply false... utterly non-existent.

In addition, those people who are "defending" their "god" or the prophets are clearly faithless. They simply haven't got any faith at all that their "god" can defend itself, so they feel they have to take murderous action. They are faithless murderers. They may claim a particular religion, but they are liars. They aren't religious, they are people who are so mentally weak they cannot trust god to take care of himself. They may claim to be Muslim or Christian, but they are faithless... and because of their lack of faith they actively work to destroy the religions they profess to believe while claiming to be supporting those religions.

That said, don't mistake the faithless for the people who truly believe in God. People who are secure in their faith smile wryly at the antics of non-believing blasphemers, shaking their heads. The truly religious know that God has a sense of humor and are not offended, just sad that other people do not share their faith. They do not kill to spread the gospel because they know the only way to prove their religion is true is to live good lives.

The only thing the faithless murderers are proving is that they are worshipping a false god.

Je Suis Charlie