Monday, February 02, 2015

Evening Thoughts

I'm a bit upset about the Seahawks' loss, but it's not as bad as I feared it would be. Yeah, I think the pass attempt was the wrong call, but 24 hours later I think I get why they did it (to mix up the plays) and I'm just more impressed by the Patriots' defense on that play. I still think the 'Hawks should have tried one more running play, but... hindsight is 20/20.

One thing I've noticed. After the Seahawks' first Super Bowl loss I was angry and bitter due to the crappy referees and the general cheating by the league and the Steelers. Despite the notion that the Patriots cheat, the game itself was clean and exciting, and I really don't feel any bitterness at all. I will never be a Patriots fan, but I don't hate them like I still despise the Steelers (and I will continue to hate the Steelers until every member of that Super Bowl cheating team is gone from the league. *ahem*).

I'll go ahead and rant a little next, after the cut, about vaccinations and the lack thereof...

I absolutely support the right of parents to fail to vaccinate their children... however, I expect and support schools that ban the little disease-carriers. In fact, I think all children who are unvaccinated by choice should be banned from all public places, including schools. Actually, I'd go farther than that. I think all people who refuse to vaccinate on "moral" issues should be banned from public places. I don't think they should be forced to vaccinate, no, but I think their should be consequences for that unscientific and morally wrong choice.

In addition, if a person gets sick thanks to some unvaccinated person wandering around where they shouldn't while incubating or carrying a disease, I think the unvaccinated person or the parents of that unvaccinated person should be 100% responsible for all medical bills of the victim they infected. If the victim dies, the unvaccinated person (or their parents in the cases of minors) should be charged with manslaughter. Again, excepting all people who have a valid medical reason for not vaccinating, like the poor kid fighting leukemia or someone who is already immunocompromised.

Here are some stories about parents who regret not vaccinating, although many of the cases were because the children couldn't be vaccinated. Scary Mommy has a much more forgiving view of anti-vaxxers than I do, but you might not be able to tell that from the hysteria in the comments from anti-vaxxers who clearly haven't got the brains to understand basic science.

This article about Disneyland employees being asked to get vaccinations covers the exceptions I also would consider, including an allergic reaction to a previous vaccine, known severe immunodeficiency or pregnancy.

I also really enjoyed this comment made on Facebook by a high school friend:
I have never been under the impression that vaccinations, or any medication for that matter, is "magically safe" or "comes with zero risk" as the article states the CDC has disclosed. Of course any and all medications come with some risks. The potential epidemic of the return of those deadly diseases seems a much higher risk to our children & society.