Wednesday, April 12, 2017


My mind is all over the place today, so I'm not sure what to write.

I'm months behind on my comic book reading, and thus reviewing. I haven't updated my Aquaman site in ages - no motivation. I have a desire to start something new because I'm going crazy from inactivity, but I'm terrified that if I try to start a new project by myself that I'll fail. I know, I should just go for it, but in my current state I'm unwilling to try until I feel like I at least have a chance at success. I guess the biggest thing to tackle is the comic books... I'm craving the escapism, but haven't been able to read for pleasure for quite some time.

I've been listening to podcasts for the last week. This is extremely strange for me, since my preference is for reading or viewing, not listening. But I'm enjoying myself, which surprises me every time I finish one. Feel free to recommend your favorite podcasts in the comments. No promises that I'll listen to them, but at least I'll have plenty to choose from.

Inkwell is almost entirely adjusted to the egg-shaped feeder now, and although he gives myself or Eric a dirty look every time we set it down full, he still uses it and seems to be generally ok with it once he's done being miffed. I ended up purchasing a second one to fill out an order at Amazon, which means I can have his larger food in one with a larger opening while his kibbles are in one with the smallest opening.

Speaking of the Amazon order, we got some sisal rope to wind around the banisters of the stairs, which are beginning to look terribly rustic thanks to Inkwell's scratching efforts. I just need to figure out how to secure it without damaging the banisters even more.

Right. I'm going to try to read comics now. I've done everything else I wanted to do today. Maybe I can even write a capsule review or two.