Thursday, April 16, 2020

Kidney Saga part 70

I almost didn't go downstairs a second time yesterday.

I was already tired from the first trip, and I debated for quite some time before I finally made the journey. I want so badly to do things, and warming up some leftovers for my lunch seemed like a perfect thing to do. So I eventually made the decision to try it.

I went down earlier to feed the cat and get myself my morning snack. That trip wasn't too bad, but getting back up the stairs took a lot out of me. When I got to noon and lunchtime, I wasn't certain I could handle the trip. So I hesitated. And I admit, I was wiped once I managed to climb the stairs again, and ended up napping for a couple of hours. But I think it was worth the effort. Not only did the nap get me away from the internet, I feel like I accomplished something.

In other news, my medications are slowly getting sorted out, which is good and a massive relief. I'm still apprehensive about it, but I think maybe I'll have everything I need by the end of today, knock wood.

A couple of unexpected packages with much appreciated supplies arrived from my mother-in-law yesterday, including some food items and food prep items that will make my dinners much easier. I really can barely wait to start cooking and baking. Throwing leftovers into the microwave didn't quite scratch that itch to "make" that I've got.

My skin is still tightening, and it's very disconcerting. Still, progress is being made, I guess. I just need to endure the odd sensations. It could always be worse, of course. So I will count my blessings and just concentrate on healing a bit more.

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