Thursday, September 24, 2020

Kidney Saga part 121

Every day a little stronger.

It gets a little easier to go up and down the stairs each day. The exercise bike feels less of a strain each day. I can get up out of my chair a little easier each day.

Oh, the evenings are difficult, as the exhaustion and pain take their toll. But I can feel the improvement each day in the mornings.

The diabetes seems to be gone. Going off the insulin didn't change my blood sugar test results. I'm still on the long-lasting insulin and will still need to test for a few more weeks, but the results have been spectacularly good so far. I even allowed myself to have a cream soda the other day to celebrate.

My biggest problem right now is the lupus arthritis pain. Most of the pain is in my hands, but I also have some in my knees and ankles. The compression gloves I ordered to help with the pain in my hands have not arrived, and seem to be stuck in some sort of post office limbo.

I was playing with Inkwell the cat yesterday on the landing, and sat down on the floor to play a little more intensely. I wasn't able to get up from the floor directly, I had to scoot over to the stairs and use the railing to pull myself up. I was disappointed, because I'd hoped I had enough strength now... but it'll come in time, I hope.

The hot flashes continue to be annoying but not intolerable. They always strike in the evening, and have kept me awake a couple of nights. I don't know how long they will last, but they do add an interesting sensation to my already full life. Again, I think I'm getting off easy with them. I know they could be a lot worse.

The windows are open this morning, with a light breeze clearing out the stuffiness of the house. Inkwell has been jumping from window to window to sniff and listen to the outside. I'm trying my best to forget about the rest of the world for a few hours and simply enjoy being alive.